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Master Your Meal Plan

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Discover my secrets to a sustainable, consistent, and healthy diet.

Do you feel lost when it comes to structuring and executing a long-term healthy diet?

This workbook provides guidance and organizational tips/tools to create your own meal plan that makes sense for you.

Explore my 4 Pillars to meal planning:

> The Food: Learn the components of a balanced meal.

> The Plan: Identify your objectives to create ease and purpose of your meals.

> The Prep: Explore the meal prep spectrum and what works best for your lifestyle.

> The Execution: Utilize meal planning templates, a grocery list, and a meals database template to bring your plan and prep to life!

This is an organizational guide to plan your meals. This guide does not include recipes or pre-made meal plans.

If you need hep choosing your foods for your meal plans, visit or email me at to inquire 1:1 nutrition coaching services.

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